Company File

QIC was established in 1976 with several like-minded professionals in the textile sector. In early development, the company served as a trading company with a wide-range business streams including, exports of clothing, textile, furniture, groceries and other products. Due to overly diverse and complex products range, the strategic direction of the company was changed in 1979. It has become the knitting textile professional traders. Through the efforts of a devoted team and accumulated experience over the years, the company had developed into a specialized manufacturer of knitted textile. Products mainly consist of all types of blended yarn (CVC, T/R, T/C…..etc) and synthetic yarn (filament / textured polyester & nylon) with circular knitting and warp knitting machine. The variety of products is sufficient to meet any types of customized textile demands.


For the purpose of better monitoring the products quality, the QIC transformed its operation into knitwear manufacturer; thus, seamless quality management could be ensured through close communication among factories. In recent years, our company is no longer just playing traditional manufacturer role, facing global competitions, but emphasizes in the customer service perspective to meet their needs. With the improvement of living standards, textiles have moved toward a small amount yet diversification direction. In maintaining rigorous high quality control, QIC insists to keep its Taiwan production.


In our endeavors, QIC successfully partners with upstream factories to build a swift and innovative collaboration. In the complete manufacturing chain, our company maintains long-term relationships with most factories which allow us to rapidly respond to customer needs and shorten delivery times. At the same time, we also look for opportunities to work with other top-quality factories so as to create more competitive products.